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Basye's Purple, bred by Dr. Robert Basye, USA 1968.

Basye's PurpleBreeding: R. foliolosa X R. rugosa.

Basye's Purple is likely my very favourite Rugosa, and certainly one of my favourite roses, period. This is a new aquisition for me this year, purchased from Heirloom Old Garden Roses in St. Paul, OR.  Bred and introduced in 1968 by Dr. Robert Basye, it is a cross of R. rugosa and R. foliolosa. It has wonderful bright green feathery foliage that is very much like its parent, Rosa foliolosa, and showing little of the rugosa characteristics.

It will become a fairly large shrub of about 7 or 8 feet tall and at least as wide, with a very nice compact, arching habit. Like most Rugosas, this one repeats it's bloom all through the season, although the individual blooms last only a day or two. This is not much of an issue, as the flowers are produced in large panicles that open sequentially, so there are always flowers open.

As you can see from the picture, the colour is an unequalled rich wine crimson, with strong purple tones. I don't think I know of any other rose that has such an incredibly rich colour. There is a typical rugosa fragrance, though it is somewhat lighter than some. It seems to be completely disease resistant so far, which you would expect from a good Rugosa, and undoubtedly very winter hardy. 

ARS merit rating: none assigned
Personal merit rating: 8.0
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 5 to 10 , zone 4 in a protected location.
Shrub size: 6 to 8 feet tall, depending on climate.
Fragrance: 3.0, moderate Rugosa scent, with Clove overtones.

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