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"Queencrest", by Ralph Moore. Date unrecorded.

'Queencrest'Breeding: 'Queen Elizabeth' X 'Chapeau de Napoleon'.

This seedling was obtained early in Ralph's work with R. centifolia cristata, and has been recently explored as a seed and pollen parent in his work to obtain a repeat blooming Crested Hybrid. Mr. Moore comments on 'Queencrest': "One selection from 'Queen Elizabeth' X 'Crested Moss' had fully double soft pink flowers of old fashioned form with well-crested buds. It was a tall, semi-climbing plant with small but good foliage, and no repeat bloom. It sets seed and has pollen. My work with this selection (we call it 'Queen Crest') was interrupted because my original large plant was cut off by a gopher, but I do have several younger plants to work with."

This hybrid was created during the same time period as was 'Crested Jewel', with a similar intent of making an intermediate hybrid that held latent genes for repeat blooming hybrids that could be explored in future generations. So far, only one hybrid of note has been created using 'Queencrest' as a pollen parent, and that is the brilliant red climber listed below as Un-named climbing seedling. This red climber is currently being evaluated for its market potential. Of the early Crested Hybrids, 'Crested Jewel' has proven to be the better rose for breeding, and most of the Crested hybrids are descended from it.

'Queencrest', bud showing crested sepals'Queencrest' is still acting as both a seed and pollen parent in the Ralph Moore breeding program, and may eventually reward us with some fine repeat blooming Crested Shrubs. 'Queencrest' makes a 6 foot semi-climbing shrub of arching habit, with many blooms along the canes. There is a wonderful fragrance to teh deeply cupped, classically formed blooms. It flowers once a year, but has one set of genes for repeat bloom.

Please note that none of these hybrids listed as "seedling" are available yet in commerce. Please do NOT contact Ralph Moore's nursery to request these plants until such time as they might be offered in their catalog. Thank you.


Read more about Mr. Moore's work with Crested Roses here

Chelsea Un-named seedling #1
Crested Jewel Un-named seedling #2
Crested Sweetheart Un-named seedling #3
Elegant Design Un-named climbing seedling
"Redcrest" One of my own crested seedlings

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