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Red Moss Rambler, bred by Ralph Moore, 1990.

Breeding: "0-47-19" X "44st".

Surely one of the most novel creations to come from Sequoia Nursery, 'Red Moss Rambler' is exactly what the name says: a red, mossed Rambler. It is also the last commercial release from the famous Moore stud "0-47-19", and is the only Rambler released from this parent.

'Red Moss Rambler' is a wild grower, very much in the style of the older Ramblers like 'Veilchenblau' and 'Alberic Barbier', with its long, limber canes that scramble up through whatever support is nearby. It is easily trained to conform to any support device. The medium red double blooms are about 2 inches across each and are borne in large clusters of up to 20 to a bunch. The buds are moderately mossy and fragrant to the touch. If this were a repeat blooming Rambler, it would have been a real sensation, but its Spring blooming habit has left it as a curiosity in the marketplace and little more. Still, if you are looking for a nice red Rambler for a cottage style garden, this rose is a great choice for its clear, rich coloring and prolific Spring bloom. Hybridizers should note that this rose has latent genes for repeat bloom and likely has great potential for further breeding.

ARS merit rating: NA
Personal merit rating: 8.0
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 5 to 8, zone 5 in a protected location.
Shrub size: 10 to 20 feet tall.
Fragrance: 2.0, slight fragrance, moss scented.

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