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'Nightmoss', (ARDarkness) bred by Paul Barden, 1998. (previously referred to as "Nightmoss #2", now officially registered with the ARS registrar)

"Nightmoss #2"In June of 1997, as I was finishing up my breeding work for the season, I had a couple of final blooms on my 'Nuits de Young', the purple Moss rose. Even though it was late in the season, I pollinated the blooms with pollen from 'Tuscany Superb', the equally dark purple Gallica. I obtained 8 seeds that fall, all of which germinated. (which is unusual for roses) This May, I saw three of these seedlings bloom, and this is the second of the three.

Looking at this photograph, I am so grateful I decided to make this cross! This rose is a deep velvety purple color, and is nearly identical to its parent, 'Nuits de Young' in every way. In that sense, it is no great improvement over its parents, but it is certainly worth keeping. I adore this kind of color in roses, and I consider this hybrid to be a modest success. There is a smoky rich fragrance that seems so right for the color, and the attractive dark foliage appears to be disease resistant."Nightmoss #2"

This year (2001) I have a number of seedlings from this hybrid, in an attempt to create new full-sized Moss Rose shrubs of this deep royal purple hue. My early work using 'Scarlet Moss' indicates that it is possible to obtain purples with 'Scarlet Moss' when crossed with another purple rose. Therefore I made a cross using 'Nightmoss' and 'Scarlet Moss'. In a similar line of breeding, I crossed 'Scarlet Moss' with 'The Prince' and obtained one purple moss hybrid that shows promise in further breeding towards this goal. (See 'Mel Hulse')

'Nightmoss' is available at The Uncommon Rose.

ARS merit rating: none assigned. (too new)
Personal merit rating: 8.0
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 5 to 8, zone 4 in a protected location.
Shrub size: 4 to 5 feet tall.
Fragrance: 3.5, strong scent of old roses and something sort of smoky!

"12-59-10" Mrs William Paul
Alfred de Dalmas "Nightmoss #1" (unregistered)
Barbara Oliva Nightmoss
Capitaine John Ingram "Nightmoss #3"(unregistered)
Cee Dee Moss Nuits de Young
Comtesse de Murinais "Orange Moss"
Connie Lohn Paintbrush
Dresden Doll Pelisson
Fuzzy Wuzzy Red Red Moss Rambler
Gabriel Noyelle Robert Leopold
Golden Moss Rougemoss
Goldmoss Salet
Heidi Scarlet Moss
Henri Martin "Single Moss"
Lady Moss William Lobb
Lemon Delight Un-named seedling
Loan Hulse Violacée
Mme de la Roche-Lambert  
Mel Hulse  

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