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Here is a complete listing of all of Ralph Moore's writings available on this web site. Mr. Ralph Moore, September 1998

A comment about Ralph by his friend, Kim Rupert of California:

"He will surprise you, as he does many, and did me. This is the most humble, honest and open man I've ever met. He is genuinely interested in what you think about the roses you are observing. He is not one to feel his experience and knowledge place him above any other rose lover. He "sees" the rose through your eyes, learning what he can from you, and making you feel as though you've just shared a secret he hadn't known. He's just as free with his observations and knowledge in return. He answers all questions fully, and without hesitation. Nothing is proprietary with him. Knowledge is fun, and must be shared with all who have an ear to listen. It is a sin there is no one to carry on his "dynasty", but he's sown his seeds of knowledge everywhere, and many have fallen on fertile ground. He is a treasure, and one you find it is easy to love."

Kim Rupert, 2001 Long time friend of Ralph Moore

Breeding Roses Around the World, from the 1969 publication Gardener's Chronicle and New Horticulturist, Vol, 165, #15.

Ralph Moore's Philosophy of Miniature Roses, the ideas behind his breeding program.

Miniature Roses in Hanging Baskets

How Do We Measure? An essay on how we evaluate our roses, both old and new.

"All About Miniature Roses" published in 1967, in its entirety.

A brief biography of Mr. Moore's career in breeding roses, by Paul Barden

"To Touch a Rainbow", (Creating New Miniatures), from 1974.

Out of China, a brief essay on the history of the China Roses

Breeding With Crested Moss (R. centifolia cristata), June 2000.

A Study Of Moss And Miniature Roses, from 1967.

Some Ideas In Plant Propagation, as it pertains mostly to roses.

Striped Roses Are Here! from the 1985 American Rose Annual

Cutting Propagation Of Roses
Reproduced from the International Plant Propagators Society, Vol 28, 1978.

The Breeding And Developement of Modern Moss Roses, on Karl King's web site.

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