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Hinrich Gaede, bred by Kordes, Germany, 1931.

Breeding: 'Lady Margaret Stewart' x 'Charles P. Kilham'. 'Charles P. Kilham' was involved in the breeding of many interesting roses, including the fascinating 'Gray Pearl'. It was one grandparent in the creation of 'Gloria Dei', aka 'Peace'.

This spectacular Hybrid Tea came to me from Carolyn Supinger at Sequoia Nursery in 2003, slightly mislabeled as 'Heinrich Gade'. It seems that this cultivar was discovered in the far back reaches of Sequoia Nursery a few years ago where it was badly neglected under a tangle of other plants. It was revived and propagated and added to the list of offerings at the Nursery. The tag on the plant was barely readable, resulting in the misspelling of its name, corrected here.

This is indeed a curious rose, and hardly the sort of thing you would expect from HT breeding, at least as far as its bloom is concerned. Glossy, dark foliage on a study but slow-to-build plant, fast repeat and colors that defy description at times. Gregg Lowery struggled in the Vintage catalog to compeletly and accurately describe its coloring, including terms like Indian orange, apricot flushed Terra Cotta pink, and buff yellow. Its true; this rose is a constantly shifting blend of hues and tints that cannot be described the same way twice. The bloom pictured here was photographed in the heat of July when its coloring tends to mellow into a glorious bronze-orange-apricot. In September, I look into the swirled shallow bowl of deep ruddy-bronze petals, looking for all the world as though splashed with the juice of the Blood Orange. Copper, apricot, glowing orange, all overlaid a luminescent light Poinsettia red; they are all there, distinct and accounted for. Fragrance too, you ask? You better believe it; a rich phenolic Tea, as with many of its peers; a fragrance often lost in the HT's that followed. The bloom form is often muddled, opening as a shallow bowl of fluted petals. It does not produce a modern Hybrid Tea bud or bloom shape.

Its coloring and overall style would lead me to believe that 'Hinrich Gaede' more appropriately belongs in the Pernetiana class of roses, along with 'Mrs. Sam McGredy', and 'Gruss an Coburg'. A noteworthy rose from a lost period when there was more variety of form in the breeding of HT's. Absolutely worth inclusion in any collection of older Hybrid Teas.

ARS merit rating: NA
Personal merit rating: undecided.
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 6 to 10, zone 5 with considerable protection.
Shrub size: 2.5 to 4 feet tall X 3 feet wide.
Fragrance: 3.5, fairly strong fragrance, with fruity and phenolic tones.

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