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Un-named Gallica seedling, bred by Paul Barden, 2000

It should be fairly obvious to anyone who is familiar with the Old Garden Roses that this is an 'Alain Blanchard' seedling, as the spotted blooms are pretty much a giveaway. This seedling resulted from open pollinated seed collected from 'Alain Blanchard' in 1999 and germinated in 2000. It flowered for the first time in 2002. (Most once-blooming seedlings grown from Gallica/Damask/Centifolia/Alba parents require at least 2 years to mature sufficiently to bloom.)

This is a beautiful rose in very similar style to its parent, but with superior coloring and markings, in my opinion. It makes a somewhat more upright, rounded shrub than its parent so far, and make a very attractive shrub even when not in bloom. The bloom period last four to six weeks in early summer, with no repeat. There is a moderate fragrance typical to the Gallica clan; a kind of spicy, smoky scent that I find impossible to describe. Individual blooms are about 3 inches across, usually borne in clusters of 3 or 5.

While this seedling is still very much under evaluation, I am planning to name and release it at some point in the future. If it continues to perform to my liking, then the chances are good that it will be named and introduced. So far it has proven reluctant to propagate from cuttings, but perhaps with age and a change in my technique it will prove more amenable.

ARS merit rating: None
Personal merit rating: 8.0, but under assessment.
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 4 to 8, zone 4 in a protected location.
Shrub size: unknown, likely 3 to 4 feet tall X 4 feet wide.
Fragrance: 3.0, mild Gallica scent.

Alain Blanchard seedling,
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