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"Everbloom One" by Ralph Moore, circa 1941. 'Étoile Luisante' X 'Sierra Snowstorm'

"Renae sibling"
This un-named climbing Polyantha is a sister seedling to 'Renae' which was bred in 1954. This thornless climber was used in breeding some of the earlier Miniatures.

This climber is very much like its sibling 'Renae', in that it repeats constantly and has nearly thornless, limber canes and healthy foliage that resembles the foliage of Peach trees. There is some fragrance, and as an odd feature, the blooms finish a pale green color! Individual blooms are about 1.5 inches across, and are reminiscent of Apple blossoms in color.

Please note: this rose is NOT available in commerce. Sequoia Nursery, which created it, will decline requests for plants of it. Its other sibling, 'Carolyn Dean' is available for purchase, and it is a very similar rose but with deeper coloring.

ARS merit rating: none
Personal merit rating: to be determined
Hardiness: Undetermined, but not likely hardy beyond zone 7.
Shrub size: 8 to 15 feet tall.
Fragrance: 1.0, slight fragrance.

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