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'Precious Dream' bred by Ralph Moore, California 2002.

'Precious Dream' (MORtime) 'Orangeade' X 'Out Of Yesteryear', Hybrid Bracteata, apricot blend.

'Precious Dream' is undoubtedly going to be one of the best of the Moore shrub roses, and will hopefully be around for many, many years. Beautifully formed, VERY double blooms are about 3 inches across, produced singly and in small clusters. The pointed petals are perfectly laid in layers, making each bloom a study in form from bud to fully open bloom. The color is a luminous blend of soft peachy-pink with a deeper soft orange at the center. It will grow into a compact shrub of about 2 feet tall, providing non-stop color all season. There is a pleasant fresh fruity fragrance to the blossoms. For smaller gardens where space limitations are an issue, this would make an excellent choice. Bred using the Floribunda 'Orangeade', which has been a valuable and diverse parent for Moore.

Update, May 2004: After growing this rose for several years now, I cannot adequately describe my appreciation for its beauty, mannerly growth, fast repeat, vigor and disease resistance. This is a superior rose in every way and deserves to be grown widely. Kudos, Ralph! This is a work of genius.

Available from both The Uncommon Rose and Sequoia Nursery, where it was bred.

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