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'Amber Jem', bred by Ralph Moore, California, 2003.

'Amber Jem'Breeding: 'Joycie' X 'Out of Yesteryear'.

When I first saw this rose at Sequoia Nursery in September of 2002, I wasn't particularly thrilled by it. It seemed kind of ordinary to me, in fact. It just goes to show that it is unwise to judge a rose too quickly! Having grown this for a while now, I can say that it is a unique and charming little rose with great merit, very much in the Ralph Moore style.

Bred from the magnificent 'Out of Yesteryear', 'Amber Jem' is a dense, round plant which is almost always in flower, individual blooms being no more than 1.5 inches in diameter. Often the pompon shaped melon-orange blooms have an excellent sweet (fruity?) fragrance that is a trait inherited from its Bracteata parent. It is vigorous and appears to be quite untroubled by disease. Quite removed from its R. bracteata ancestry, 'Amber Jem' is much more like a traditional Miniature in habit, if a bit on the large size; it will gradually build up to perhaps 24" X 24" at maturity.

Ralph Moore released two new Hybrid Bracteatas in 2003, of which this is one. The other, 'Lemon Pearls' is a similar rose with larger blooms of a sophisticated OGR-like bloom form. I recommend both of them without reserve.

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Amber Jem Out of Yesteryear
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