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"174-02-03", bred by Paul Barden, 2003.

Breeding: 'Sheri Anne' X 'Out of Yesteryear'.

I have great hopes for this seedling. Of the forty or so seedlings obtained from this cross, I saved about ten, of which this is one. After a year's observation of the lot, I kept four. Two of the ones saved are being kept as potential breeding plants and two are being evaluated for market potential. This one, "174-02-03", is by far the superior seedling. It Blooms in large clusters of up to a dozen blooms, each one about three inches in diameter. The foliage is deep green when mature and quite healthy, and the bush appears to be growing as a large shrub or small climber. It will be at least another year before its full size is known. (As of November 2004) The plant blooms in flushes, with ones and twos in between. It is rarely without at least a couple of blooms through the season. As with most of the roses from this line of breeding, it has fairly intense, 3/4 inch thorns, although they are fairly scattered and are straight rather than hooked. (Hooked thorns pose the greatest hazard to human skin, acting as fish hooks when snagged upon)

Breeding with 'Out of Yesteryear' is challenging in that most of its offspring are very pale in color, with many whites and off-whites resulting. And so, when a well-pigmented seedling is discovered, it is a welcome occurrence and unless the plant has glaring flaws, that seedling is selected for evaluation. (One of the other selections, a climbing miniature that is being kept for breeding purposes, is a medium red color) Alas, this seedling lacks fragrance. Still, a good plant that blooms freely and grows well is of merit whether it offers scent or not.

Sheri Anne X Out of YesteryearClick on this thumbnail photo to see one of the mid-Summer bloom clusters.

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